In this edition of Cool Internet Stuff, we’ve got a video (because we love them) but we’ve also got an example of cool architecture, and an account of how a business was built and grown. Trust me, you’re going to want to see how this guy presents his words. Making a company’s history fun to read? Now that’s a genius move.

The Johnny Cupcakes story
I plead ignorance. Up until S sent me this link i had really not ever heard of Johnny Cupcakes. In fact when she did send it to me I thought was going to be reading about somebody who made baked desserts. Somedays you wake up and you’re just wrong.

So it turns out Johnny Cupcakes is a brand, a clothing brand, and reading this cleverly laid out and presented story is an interesting lesson, as much in what not to do as much as it is about what to do.

As a freelance filmmaker/graphic designer/writer I am constantly trawling the Internet for stories about how others did it. This one was quite a story.

Check it out.

The Bio Rio
Those Scandinavians man!

I love their design style, I love their aesthetic sense and now I read about this awesome-sounding cinema in Stockholm that makes me just want to drop everything and go there. Like now.

According to The Fox Is Black, a blog that is one of my sources for all things cool and wonderful, the cinema provides a variety of activities including seminars, art installations, musical performances and operas (in addition to movies of course). And they have managed to modernize while retaining the character of the 1940s-era building. From the pictures it looks stunning and I can imagine it serving as an amazing set for a movie about movies.

For the Bio Rio’s official website, click here.

If I Was The Sun
Sometimes it is inspiring to see how creative people will be, with an activity that most others will treat like a chore, or a personal situation-mandated requirement. In this case I’m talking about the home video and the following clip is a super cool makeover courtesy of some clever use of a function existing in most DSLR cameras.

It helps that the subjects of this video as as cute as cute can be but Ryan Hargrave deserves a special pat on the back from repurposing an existing camera function in a cool and wonderful way.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.