Two tidy short films and a cool-sounding event make up the contents of this edition of Cool Internet Stuff.

Pillow Fight 2011 NYC
So The No Pants Subway Ride is already being celebrated, and now this?

I know we could never have such a thing in Mumbai (at least not in public) but still, how cool is this?

Oh yeah, and here is documented proof that the day was also observed in L.A.

Tune for Two
So what does it take to make a cool low budget short?

In this case it appears that it took a wintry location, two guys, a little ‘bloody’ make up, a shovel and a gun.

As far as I can tell, that’s about it. And yet it is a totally enjoyable short.

So what is preventing you from going out and making your own film?

And do you know how you can cut back on the frills after you’ve made a short film about two guys and a gun. Make a film with one guy and a gun.

This short film was probably made as a test exercise for the Arri Alexa camera system but that does not, in the least, take away from how effective it is.

Yup, really no excuse to go out and start being a filmmaker these days.

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