As we continue our attempts at returning to regularly scheduled programming our first new edition of CIS features the work of two very cool illustrators and an interesting piece of motion graphics work that sends a message using the medium itself (in a sense).

Illustrator Ken Taylor
Australian artist Ken Taylor, has some stunning pieces in his portfolio.

The man’s line work is to die for. Intricate, fine, layered and clearly time-consuming. But to visit his site is to see such a plethora of work, one has to wonder whether Mr. Taylor ever sleeps (maybe he has clones…or is a cyborg).

Whatever the case, there is no denying the beauty of his work.

For way more examples of Ken Taylor’s work, visit his website.

Illustrator Tomer Hanuka
And then there is Tomer Hanuka. I encounter this man’s work periodically and every time I do I am just filled with so much envy. How does he do it? how does he see things this way? Those colours, those layers…how, how how!?!

I don’t know. I cannot say I have even the faintest clue. But man this guy is good!

For more work by Tomer Hanuka (including some NSFW pieces) visit his website.

Doc to Dock “SOS: Save Our Supplies”
I am a huge motion graphics fan. I am an also deeply inspired by work that doesn’t look like it was all done in computer.
This piece features a simple enough idea, and as someone who has frowned for countless hours trying to generate simple ideas of my own, I know how tough that can be.

But once they got their idea down, it is really cool to see how well they’ve executed it. Of course these are the geniuses at Shilo, who have been doing great work for years.

Still, all said and done, this is an awesome spot for an organization that is doing great work.

[NOTE: Copyrights to all featured images are owned by their respective owners/creators. They are featured in this post merely for representational purposes.]