Amazing photographs by a movie star (and Oscar-winner), two articles for screenwriters and filmmakers alike and a cool video I revisited while checking out something else by the filmmaker, is what I present to you in this last edition of Cool Internet Stuff.

True Grit Book
This is just amazing. Jeff Bridges (the Dude himself) has a photographic diary from behind the scenes on the production of True Grit.
Amazing pictures, hand-lettered notes by the winner of the 2010 Oscar for Best Actor and an opportunity to see cast, crew and the Coen Brothers through the eyes of their leading man.

Further exploration also revealed pictures off the sets of TRON: Legacy, Iron Man and Crazy Heart. (I love his Tragoedia/Comoedia pictures)

Go to the Jeff Bridges website and check it out for yourselves. So much fun!
10 Things Filmmakers should know about screenwriting
I have spent a lot of time writing screenplays. None of them have been produced (yet). I used to get very upset by the ‘process’ and this piece does a good job of listing, for the benefit of both writers and producers, why the words that are commonly heard in the development process are of no use to the writer in getting a script ready for production.

A word of warning to Producers: The article contains a few really weird spelling mistakes, but don’t let that take away from the learning you can pick up from one short article.

Your screenwriters will thank you.

2011 Oscar-nominated screenplays
Need a masterclass in screenwriting? What could be better than the films whose blueprints were considered nomination worthy?

Read all of the 2011 Oscar-nominated screenplays.

Mike Relm, yup the very same guy who made that cool remixed Iron Man 2 spot that led us to believe that the actual movie would be awesome, made this music video/short film a while back. I chanced upon it again and thought I might share it.

The clip has everything required to make a video go viral – girl in underwear, quirky music and a narrative that needs to be seen more than once and then just as quickly needs to be forwarded to others.

Did I just list the bare minimums required to make a video go viral?