Animation is the focus this week and all the work has come out of one facility in Denmark – The Animation Workshop. I have no idea what they are feeding the students in that place but the work is too good to waste words on. You need to see it. Now!

They have a lot of great stuff online but I’ve chosen to focus on these three pieces from their most recent graduating class. Wow!

The Backwater Gospel
Stunning beyond belief, that is the only way to describe this awesomely dark animated short.

I expect an announcement about a big screen adaptation very very soon.

Another dark piece of animation, this one is less of a story and more of a mood piece relating to unexploded ordinance lying around previously war-torn areas.

The Saga of Biôrn
Right from the character design to the way this film is paced it is a total delight. A curmudgeonly lead character who could give Karl from Up! a run for his money, this Viking needs to be seen to be believed. You see Biôrn is an ageing warrior who is afraid that he will not die and honourable death – thereby becoming ineligible for entrance into Valhalla.