On this week’s edition of Cool Internet Stuff we are featuring examples of the ‘Fashion Film’.

Now this is a pretty broad catch-all for films that can serve as a showcase for pieces within a designer (or lingerie) collection, the promotion of an alcoholic beverage, the demonstration of the talents available at a modeling agency, or just as an invitation to visit the website of a world-renowned Victoria’s Secret supermodel (Alessandra Ambrosio, in this case).

One thing is for sure, these films generally feature very attractive people who are not too shy about baring their expensively-maintained bodies.

This might also well be OneSmallWindow’s first truly adult posting so consider this your mild NSFW, NSFF (Not Safe For Feminists) and NSFP (Not Safe For Prudes) warning.

In A Dream

White Label

Happy New Year 2011

Fragrance “Temptations”


Muther of All Things