The works showcased in this week’s CIS are longer than usual (both clocking in at over ten minutes in length each) and I am aware that it is a fairly serious commitment to devote that kind of time to loading and watching a video. That said, both these videos provide distinct pleasures and are therefore worthy of your time. The first film has already been watched over a 143,000 times and the second has enjoyed over half-a-million views so clearly there is room for clever content that is longer than the prescribed length for a video to go viral.

The Thomas Beale Cipher
When a film comes along that is so assured in its timing, so well-thought-out in its execution and so enjoyable to watch, all one can do is make every attempt to ensure that the maximum number of people are made aware of its existence.

The textures, the timing, the sheer poetry of this work left me stunned. And humbled.

Lazy Teenage Superheroes
Doesn’t that title just make you want to start loading this video right away?
The film features decent special effects and some cool ideas for superheroes. There is also room for a decent good vs evil battle if this project has a longer-form or sequential future.

Either way, it is worthwhile to check out what kind of films are being born out of imagination and initiative.
Hat tip to Vishal for pointing me in the direction of this short.