We are ‘sampling’ in this edition of CIS. One could argue that all creative folk have been sampling since the dawn of creative time but one cannot help feeling that we are approaching a point in creative history where all this sampling could lead to an implosion that could demand serious recovery time. Or perhaps it is just me…

That said, the visual sample (remix) is a thing of beauty and we are featuring three examples for your enjoyment and inspiration today.

Sampled Room
Aesthetically beautiful, featuring delicious macro videography and an inventive use of objects that 99% percent of most sample sizes would not see as musical instruments. This is a film by Mateusz Zdziebko.

And then there is this very cool video catalog created by Barcelona-based United Fakes for the brand Bershka.
Simple yet cool art direction, models lounging about being ‘playful’ and another employment of regular objects to achieve re-purposed sounds that gives this spot a unique flavour that takes it far beyond the realm of just a piece of advertising.

Venegret 2010
Posted online over a year ago this video seems to indicate that this guy can maintain various parts of a piece in his head as he plays others. Or is it just clever video editing?

Either way, enjoy Sodazot’s performance.