Today we are focusing on the mobile camera – one that is not hamstrung by tripods or cranes or dollies. In the two videos that follow the camera operator is working really hard to keep up with the subject. And it is a thing of beauty.

At that speed, it isn’t (solely) about framing, or focus, it is about keeping up. And when our eyes are always searching, we pay attention.

Tricks on Wheels (Part 1)
The text that accompanies this piece on Vimeo claims that this is leftover material from another video. Which simply goes to prove that nothing is really throwaway – all one really needs is an editor who sees potential in that which most others would discard.

And a video like this, already impressive for what it chronicles, is doubly impressive for its camera work. The camera is as fluid as the subject and I am increasingly aware of how much good (or more accurately, ‘appropriate’) camerawork can assist in the telling of a moving picture tale.

Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester)
Want some more follow camera action? How about a cool kid on a bicycle? Again, I am pretty certain this is not in a controlled environment like a movie set where all traffic and all drivers are trained, instructed and alert to the possibility of an individual attempting a stunt or two. So that makes it way cooler, on the part of the performer for sure but also on the part of the camera operator.

Always gets the blood flowing this stuff. Wow!

Bonus Shot
And for an (almost) impossibly mobile FPV (first-person view) in a motion picture, watch Enter the Void. It is not an experience to be taken on lightly, but an experience it most definitely is. Director Gaspar Noé’s follow-up to Irréversible is another movie that will test the willpower of the easily offended.

Welcome to the start of a brand new week.