A cool short film, a documentary about a very cool person, and an upcoming documentary about an unbelievably talented photographer who died a complete unknown are featured in this update.

Two Men
Inspired by a Kafka short story, this is just a beautiful piece of filmmaking. It takes its time establishing its world, treats you to a narrative in a voiceover so rich it works like one more layer folding around visual storytelling that already features great photography, thoughtful sound design and a wisdom-for-the-ages storyline.

Pretty darn close to perfect.

The Sartorialist
I am a huge fan of street photography – the idea. That people have captured how a person looked or felt on a certain day and memorialized it for as long as the photograph lasts is a hugely exciting thing to me. For no reason that I can adequately articulate.

So this profile of The Sartorialist just plays just right and happy for me.

Vivian Maier
And as if that wasn’t good enough, the Internet (the quarters I skulk around anyway) has been abuzz with the discovery of the photography of Vivian Maier – a woman who worked as a nanny and took photographs in her spare time – lots of them. Accidentally discovered by street photographer John Maloof this tale of the output of an artist who was never recognized as such in her own lifetime offers great food for thought about the nature of art and its endurance beyond a person’s lifetime.

This woman’s work needs to be seen to be believed. And if you are interested in helping fund a documentary that will attempt to discover more about this talented photographer who remained an unknown until years after her death go here and donate.

Happy New Year.