This time around, I’m listing a quartet of videos that employ animation in their content. There are a couple of cool short films, a cute little ad and a live-action short that employs computer-generated imagery for all the physical environments. That said, all these shorts are listed here because of how nicely they employ the technology to tell their stories.

That’s what it will always be about.

Meet Buck
Animation like this brings tears to my eyes. This is skill of a level I cannot even begin to dream of. And I love it, because it reminds me of how much there is to learn. Humbling and inspiring in equal measure, this is an imaginative take on star-crossed lovers. Just when you thought that there couldn’t be a new spin on that old hoary chestnut…

The Tadpole
Some things are just too beautiful to interface with on a level other than of being completely enamoured of their beauty. This is one such film.

Sing Up
When musical notes can be made this cute and cuddly there is no doubt that the message is coming through.

Modern Times
The implications of the way the characters move and the way the filmmakers unveil what’s really going on…. this is what structured storytelling is all about. These guys get it so right! Moments after this film played I was certain that I had enough for another edition of Cool Internet Stuff to go online.

Thank you for watching. I hope some of this proves as inspirational to you as it has to me.