Merry Christmas all!

This is just a really short update featuring two videos that just blew us away with their inventive delivery of a twisted Christmas message.

This first-person view video is the type of clever idea that just makes me wish I could develop whatever brain cells are required to think like this in a hurry.
Smart, cool and effective.

Happy Holidays
The Daniels are a certain type of directing duo that seem genetically engineered to make the rest of us mere mortals feel small and insignificant. This piece is technically adept, witty and offers a very cool take on the holiday season. I won’t say more, just suffice to say that you will look at a humble certain something very differently after watching this.

Bravo Daniels!

We wish you your Happiest Holidays yet! Enjoy the end of another year because come January 1 the reset button gets pushed and it’s time for us to do it all again. I for one, cannot wait.