I spent a solid couple of hours yesterday watching advertising that was available to view on the internet and I was just blown away by the scale, the storytelling or the mood created by these films.

Presented below is a small selection of ads I enjoyed. And as a bonus, I’m wrapping up this presentation with a horror short film.


Tiger Beer: Taste It In This Lifetime
Animals committing suicide. For beer.
Has to be seen to be believed.

Stella Artois: Triple Filtered
This is one way to do ‘sexy’ – period-ish atmosphere; very, very attractive people and the promise of a stylish beer.

Lynx: Getting Dressed
This would be another way to do sexy. Yes, there’s a lot of that going around in advertising but what is great about this commercial is the story it manages to tell. Really, really satisfying. Even on repeat viewing. (Which should be the hallmark of a great ad right?)

Adidas: The Road To Lisbon
This is the predecessor to that stunning Write The Future Nike commercial. What is great about this film is the scale of the enterprise. And this one is sort of for the ladies because it features possibly some of the most beautiful men in any one sport.


Love Hurts

I found Shariff Nasr’s work through a commercial. But this short film was what I found most appealing. That sound design, the creeping dread… it all adds up to a nicely chilling experience.

At a time where mainstream horror feature films make you laugh more often than they make you jump, this did a good job of proving to me that I can still be made uneasy by the moving pictures.

So that’s it for this edition of Cool Internet Stuff. Be sure to drop me a line if you think I should be checking something out. If you like what you’ve seen here, tell your friends and/or leave a comment.

Have a great week. Happy Monday!