Kurz und Schön
This, believe it or not, is the opening sequence for a short film festival. As a short film-maker myself I would be very intimidated about having my work follow this. Ah well, you have to appreciate the amazing wherever you find it.

Simple, sweet story told without the need for dialogue. Beautiful colours; hyper-saturated but never muddy. I’d love to chat with the colourist and receive some tips.

Nice editing rhythm.

I like the coolly stylish documentary. I like New York. This one was sort of a no-brainer recommendation.

Todor & Petru
This is a cool and freaky live-action animation hybrid that needs to be seen to be believed. I have seen a lot of great (to the point of causing severe depression) work by French animators. I have added this to the list.

Cheekily obnoxious short film that manages to be continuously inventive. When fun with filmmaking is the goal (as I am assuming it was in this case) this is such a great end result.