In various pieces of literature and cinema, ranging from Isaac Asimov’s seminal writings to the universe-expanding Matrix Comics, tales have been told about sapient robots that are introduced into the lives of humans and go on to bring on big changes. The latest addition to the canon of robot fiction is Blinky™ – a short film by Ruairi Robinson a filmmaker who has already gained a lot of attention for his earlier piece The Silent City.

Blinky™ is a set-in-the-near-future (2022 to be precise) short film about a family that acquires the titular robot for their son (played by Max Records, the human lead from Where The Wild Things Are). And it goes on to tell teh story of how the robot helper’s inclusion in that family’s life changes everything. Forever.

The storytelling is simple, clear and (I suppose) universal. The film is shot and coloured beautifully and the performances (specifically the boy and the robot) are beautifully pitched. It may be a 12-minute short but we get a full story arc as those minutes count down.

For effective storytelling, beautiful effects work and a reminder of exactly how confusing childhood can be and the horrible outcomes all that confusion can generate, Blinky™ is our latest Stellar Short.

This one is not for the easily spooked though. You have been warned.