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Fashion Week. The capital city. A whirlwind of activity. It would be wrong for us to say that we went to Delhi for the past five days. To be perfectly accurate: we went to Hall 18 in Pragati Maidan, and stayed at the Lalit in Connaught Place. Nothing more, nothing less.

When we landed and got lunch, that was about the only time we had for a little sit-back-and-relax. Once we’d picked up our bags and stepped into the venue it was time to chase interviews, capture backstage and show action, seek soundbites, find interesting imagery for title sequences, and fortify ourselves with as much coffee as our systems could take. Back at the hotel there was dinner, data transfer, editing (picture and sound), modifications, packaging and titling, uploading, and then back to the venue for that day’s work.

I can confirm that Fashion Week “is a blur.”

Embedded below are some pictures I took while checking focus, testing the light, and just generally waiting around. Models, movie stars, fashion week regulars… they are all represented. Further down you can also view all the videos–in one place–we made for Vogue India.

The Photos:

The Videos:

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

DAY 5: