One of the arches on the Colosseum's grounds

A different arch, as viewed from inside the Colosseum

The Baroque Sant'Agnese in Agone church as seen from Piazza Navona

People have spent a lot of time carving their names into the walls of the Colosseum

I loved the way sunlight looked when banging around the dusty screens of parked two-wheelers in Rome

The pattern on the courtyard is also a pattern found on a coin. Cool no?

Facebook updates perhaps?

Not entirely sure why this group of tourists was stopped here. Made for a good picture though.

I had been reading about off-camera lighting. This seems like a decent example of that, no?

A silhouetted statue outside the Presidential palace

The top of the Trevi fountain on a sunny sunny day

The locals call this building The Typewriter or The Wedding Cake

The buildings surrounding Piazza Navona were cutting the light in a very interesting way.

A soap bubble streaks towards my camera at Piazza Navona

A scooter streaks across in Rome

Tourists at the Spanish Steps

Impressive statues are all over the city. This one I enjoyed because of the light play that day.

This gorgeous bust of Epicurus sits in the Colosseum museum

Spectators lined up to witness the changing of the guard at the Presidential palace