The last time we were in The Eternal City it was already winter. This time we got a strong sense of the colours of fall in Rome. Like this leaf by the side of the road en route from our hotel, to the Trevi Fountain.

During one of our early morning explorations of the neighbourhood we stayed in, I saw this scene. I wonder how many years this man has been performing this routine for, in preparation for the day ahead.

When we visited the Colosseum on a beautifully sunny morning, one of the first sights we saw in that stunning arena was this cat, sunning itself without a care in the world. Just lying there, blinking lazily, oblivious to the throngs of tourists trying to capture themselves photographically at the scene of many a historic battle.

Our friend Andrea led us on a little walking tour one afternoon in Rome. We started outside the Colosseum, walked past the Forum, around the Municipal Building, and parted ways at the Spanish Steps.

This picture–taken on the path leading downwards from the central courtyard of the Municipal Building–was my attempt at finding a straight line between the corner of the building in the background and the pedestal of the statue in front of it.

On our first day going walkabout in Rome we witnessed the daily ‘changing of the guard’ ceremony outside the Presidential Palace. One could either walk down the winding road leading down from the courtyard outside the palace, or take these stairs, en route to the Trevi Fountain and other points of touristic interest. This is a view of the palace from the bottom of those stairs.

We were one turn away from Piazza Navona when I stopped to capture this play of shadow and light. If you ignore the clothing worn by the people in the picture it is possible to imagine how this place must have looked hundreds of years ago.

That gorgeous sunshine does an amazing thing as it plays across the windscreens of multiple scooters parked along certain streets. A couple of turns away from this street corner was a store called Venchi where the gelato needs to be tasted to be believed. Our favourite: Cacao with Strawberry.

We walked a lot while we were in Rome. Inverted in this end-of-the-day glass of wine is the Pantheon, a spectacular building whose dome, and oculus, is impressive no matter how many times you gawp up at it.