Warren Mendonsa’s band may have been the main attraction but there was also another band–Blues No Bar–that performed at Saturday Bandstand Revival gig. Blues No Bar is comprised of Marco Do Piazza (vocals/guitars), Dr. Kyle Hyde (bass) and Jordan Davis Jr. (drums). Their Facebook page promises to bring ‘the Blues to Bombay, from Bandra to Colaba’.

Mr. Do Piazza is clearly having a great time in India. He said as much and he professed his love by singing some portions of Chevrolet by Taj Mahal in Hindi. While his band members were content to play their instruments and smile wryly on occasion, Mr. Do Piazza bantered with the audience, got into a little back and forth with a lady where neither seemed to be responding to what the other was saying. Fun times.

These kids really got into the music on offer.

I’ve watched two entire Blackstrat Blues live performance (actually since I was editing video of their gig at the Mahindra Blues Festival I might have watched that performance alone about a hundred times) and they have struck me as a no fuss band. Until the music starts. What Mr. Mendonsa does with that guitar gives me reason to believe that they could also perform under the moniker “Blackstrat Black Magic”.

Nikhil D'Souza joined the band for a couple of songs

To paraphrase what Warren said at some point, there was a time when people went to that park to play childish games. Those childish games are still on offer but it is also all kinds of awesome that people get to turn up and watch cool bands playing impressive music.