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We went to an Instagram meet earlier this week, initiated by California-based collective Mighty Killers and Mumbai group Mumbai Instagrammers, and met photographer Nicholas La who has 111k followers on the platform. We had to ask him one question: How do you build an audience on Instagram?

Mumbai was one stop on Nicholas’s trip across several countries with his friends and collaborators Adrian Burrell and Andy To, as they explore and profile human interest organisations and the commonalities among cultures across the globe. Nicholas said about their project Picture A Change, “We’ve been in Nicaragua, in Mississippi, and also Cape Town. One commonality is that all the guys, the men in the community, are either working or going through some sort of problem, either in jail or selling drugs and in the end it’s usually the mother or grandmother that’s taking care of the community. One commonality that we found is that there’s always one strong female in each group and she’s carrying everybody in that group. She’s making sure that everyone’s fed, everyone has clothes to wear, food to eat and it’s been amazing to meet people like that, they’re so inspiring.”

It was lovely to meet them and if you’re interested in keeping up with their project and seeing photos from their travels, you can follow them on Instagram:
Picture A Change
Nicholas La
Adrian Burrell
Andy To

Also, a shoutout to Mumbai Instagrammers who co-hosted the meet-up.