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The Weekly Playlist - Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance
This is exactly the kind of fun pop song you want to hear on the radio which is where I discovered it. Of course, they played the song without announcing it, then went into an ad break and Shazam wouldn’t work so I had to do this old school – remember a lyric or two, come home and Google it. Found it pretty quickly and it’s now on my playlist.

MNEK – A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Refix)
Ah, yes. Remember when we sang, earnestly, this song by Vanessa Carlton. British artist MNEK puts a cool spin on this 2002 hit.

Kensington – Streets
I cannot express how much I love this song. It’s anthemic, melodic and makes me feel like the ’90s are back, and life is good again. Go figure.

John Legend – Made To Love
This is fun, with its dangerous and sexy vibe. I really like that Legend exceeds his spectacular voice. He could choose to focus on songs that showcase his range, highlight his vocal prowess blah blah blah, but he stays away from that and that makes him even more of a star, to me anyway.

Four Tet – Fix You (Coldplay remix)
This apparently is a remix that was commissioned and then never used. I kinda like it – it’s like nothing Coldplay would do but it works to highlight how gorgeous the vocal is. The arrangement evokes, to me, a late late night after-party vibe when everything is winding down but the music is still playing. Good stuff!

Image Courtesy: Walk The Moon Official