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The Weekly Playlist - Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey – Nitrous
My favourite musical discovery this week. “Trouble came in droves/But we drove it away” – that line sealed the song for me. Then I went back and listened to all that he does with the acoustic guitar. Amazing.

Gavin James – The Book Of Love (Live from the Capitol Tower)
This live performance of The Magnetic Fields’ The Book Of Love by 22-year-old Irish musician Gavin James is the kind of thing I’m always hoping for when I go digging for music. I look forward to listening to more music by him.

Short Straw – Couch Potato
South African band Short Straw bring the big drums and sunny guitars this week. Love this song!

Mumford & Sons – The Wolf
I’m very curious about the new direction the band has taken on this album. Banjo or no banjo, the guys are talented musicians with serious chops so it will be interesting to see how their sound evolves. Here is their latest release.

Mick Jagger – Party Doll
You can say what you like, this is a country song through and through.

Nick Mulvey Photos By: Isadora Tanner