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The Weekly Playlist - Gary Clark Jr

Lewis Watson – Droplets feat. Gabrielle Aplin
Some singer/songwriter goodness to start your week off. Their voices are so beautiful together in this lovely song!

Joseph J. Jones – The Video
Men Singing In Manly Voices is making a comeback. Kindly support and cheer this on!

Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Live On SNL)
I’m so annoyed at Kanye West for the nonsense he pulled about Beck’s award at the Grammys last week. Kanye, shush! You are a ridiculously talented artist. The first CD I bought in years, just last week, was Yeezus because it wasn’t available on iTunes India for some reason. Your production is exceptional, as are your musical ideas. So let’s let BeyoncĂ© handle her awards losses herself, and keep the focus on your music. Like this live performance. The energy is insane!

Gary Clark Jr – When My Train Pulls In (The Live Room version)
That riff seems effortless. You can hear the whole song build around it before it’s begun, so when it does play, it is exceptionally satisfactory.

Survivor – High On You
Weekend radio in Mumbai plays the American Top 40 through the decades. The ’80s were revisited this weekend and I discovered this song on it. I had only ever heard the Chicago band’s monster hit Eye Of The Tiger so far. I like this one a lot too.

Gary Clark Jr Photo by: Frank Maddocks