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The Weekly Playlist - Jamie N Commons

Jamie N Commons – Rumble and Sway
British vocalist Jamie N Commons is one of our favourite discoveries of 2014. You, like us, probably heard him on the massive X Ambassadors song Jungle. This one is the title track of his last solo EP. We look forward to hearing more from him in 2015.

2 Cellos – Smooth Criminal
If you’re going to cover an insanely popular song you might as well go all out and that is exactly what these two young men do. Check it out. 2 cellos and a whole lot of showmanship.

Maddie and Tae – Girl In A Country Song
Oh! This one’s gotta hurt. Teenagers Maddie and Tae take on bro-country in this razor-sharp parody about the state of girls in country songs. Now I have listened to and enjoyed a good singalong to such bro-country anthems as Cruise, without getting deeper into the gender issues it may or may not represent. To me it was just a catchy song on the radio, but these ladies hilariously point out how ridiculously girls are portrayed in country songs these days and it makes me laugh and also think about it. Well played ladies, well played!

Haley Bonar – Last War
Breathy vocals over urgent rhythms make this one absolutely soundtrack-ready.

Andrew Belle – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
We put up our Christmas tree this weekend and needed a playlist while doing so. Random web browsing led to this pretty pretty rendition of the holiday classic by Chicago singer/songwriter Andrew Belle. There’s a hypnotic quality to his version that makes it very different from the original. If it were winter here, and if we had a fire, I could listen to this for hours on repeat.