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The Weekly Playlist - Boyhood

Family Of The Year – Hero (Live From Wax Studios)
This song from Boyhood is just so beautiful. Every time I even hear snatches of it (like during short clips at award ceremonies) I go from neutral to highly emotional in a second. It’s nuts! Congratulations to Boyhood on its big win at the Golden Globes today. We’ve already featured the original version of this song in a previous edition, so here is a great live performance.

Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better
fun.’s Jack Antonoff leads this indie pop band and I can’t decide which of his two projects I like better. This song is a great shot of energy for your week. I’m hearing hints of the Barenaked Ladies and even Babybird’s You’re Gorgeous in this song. If you have no idea what that is, you’re probably really really young. It’s ok. Enjoy, anyway.

Eels – Mistakes Of My Youth
A sweet, sweet song from indie rock band Eels from their 2014 album The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett.

Rodrigo y Gabriela feat. Oystein Greni – Nature’s Way
This is the first time I’ve heard a song with vocals by guitar duo Rodrigo and Gabriela. It works beautifully. The guitar plays a support part and when the spotlight is turned on it, it goes nuts. Absolutely stunning.

Neulore – Shadow Of A Man
Uplifting modern folk from Nashville band Neulore. I don’t know much about them but their site says the band members are “Adam Agin, William T. Cook, and a few friends.” Love it!

Image courtesy: Boyhood Official