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The Weekly Playlist - Guardians Of The Galaxy OST

CDZA – History of Men Moving On
I love these guys! You could lose an entire afternoon watching all of their musical experiments. If you’re checking this out at work consider that fair warning.

Missy Elliott feat. Ciara – Lose Control
How good are all the elements of this song! The beat, the very creative sounds used, the video, the crazy dancing.

Raspberries – Go All The Way
From the Guardians Of The Galaxy OST. Instant nostalgia.

Ode To Joy Banco Sabadell
I’m not sure this has anything to do with Christmas but this is my Christmas pick of the week – because it seems like this is what the season is all about. Great music, lots of people of all ages coming together to enjoy a show, joy, an unexpected treat and all that other good stuff.