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The Weekly Playlist - Music from the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial

Sleeping At Last – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
I can’t believe the Budweiser guys did it again with their Superbowl commercial! The puppy, the horses, the music… it’s all so lovely! Last year’s commercial featured Passenger’s Let Her Go as the soundtrack. This year we have a gorgeous cover of a wonderful song originally by Scottish duo The Proclaimers. If you grew up in the ’90s, you remember listening to it/watching it every morning on MTV as you got ready to go to school. This new version by musician Ryan O’Neal (aka Sleeping At Last) is a stripped down, spare affair that turns the anthemic original into a searing lighter(sorry, smartphone)-in-the-air ballad. It’s so so good. Puppy or not, this song is the real deal.

In case you haven’t watched the commercial:

Kalbata x Mixmonster – Conga Beat The Drum
Musicians Ariel Tagar (Kalbata) and Mixmonster (Uri Wertheim) travelled from Tel Aviv to Jamaica to record with old school reggae musicians. They recorded everything to tape, came back and added what sounds like a monster bass to it. Check out this album teaser below and then go watch their 7-minute documentary trailer about the process. You can find it at their beautiful website Congo Beat The Drum along with more info about the project.

Verité – Strange Enough
I’ve been listening to music on a new music app/site called Undrtone and this is one of the songs I liked. It’s a good place to find new music to listen to. Check it out.

Alberta Hunter – You Can’t Tell The Difference After Dark
I heard this song in a documentary. I don’t remember what the documentary was about but this song stuck in my head. Wow, talk about treating heavy issues with a light touch! Ms. Hunter does a brilliant job on this 1935 record.

ZZ Top – La Grange
That riff.