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Jack White – I’m Shakin’
What can I say about Jack White that I haven’t said before? I love the groove on this one and the video is pretty cool as well. Mr. White and his band look sharp and play good. Listen. Now.

Raphael Saadiq – Stone Rollin’
I know I’m very very late to the party but after years of hearing about the wonder that is Raphael Saadiq I finally sat down and listened to his music and now I want to stop all work and just listen to his entire catalogue. Here is the first song I heard:

I have so much to catch up on and he has so many good songs, so I thought I’d add one more in this list – an acoustic version of his hit Good Man. This version was performed and recorded at Red Bull Studios in London which I was very excited to discover because I was in that same studio three years ago as part of the RBMA with a group of amazing musicians from around the world. It’s a beautiful recording room and we spent two weeks there making music, not knowing how our experiments would turn out but having a great time and learning so much along the way. I’m not going to link to my song in this post. This is about the excellent Mr. Saadiq with an acoustic version of Good Man:

Science For Girls feat. Bronwen Exter – 14 Days
This is my favourite song off producer/songwriter Darren Solomon’s electronica project Science for Girls. You should also check out more songs from the album. It is electronica with roots in jazz and Brazilian music and features an eclectic group of guest vocalists from NYC’s indie music scene. Very good stuff.

Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)
I love this acoustic cover of the 2003 Outkast hit Hey Ya!. The story goes that Mat Weddle aka Obadiah Parker performed it at an open mic night, a fan recorded the performance and put it up on YouTube and the cover become a massive hit.

Images courtesy: RaphaelSaadiq.com