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ARIEL by Casper on The Weekly Playlist 300614

Porter Robinson feat. Urban Cone – Lionhearted
Upbeat electronica to start your week off courtesy American artist Porter Robinson. Big synths, a call to action, and if you want to go look for it, a music video with young people running free and being ‘fabulous’. Fun stuff.

Richard Hawley – Remorse Code
First there is the fact that this is a great name for a song. Just for that, it deserves to be on this playlist. Then there’s the song itself, one of my favourites from Hawley’s catalogue and an impressive catalogue it is. There’s a long instrumental section in this track and that’s where the sweet spot is in my opinion. Listen to it through, it’s worth it. I have no idea what this video is though – it’s unofficial. Was the only link I could find.

Outlandish – Feels Like Saving The World
One of my favourite artists! I’ve followed their music since their album Bread And Barrels Of Water, which I just realised was released in 2002! That’s a long time ago. I just listened to some of it yesterday and it is as solid as ever. This track is from their 2009 release Sound Of A Rebel and probably has the best chorus on the entire album.

KiloWatts & Vanek – Lies
American producer James Watts and Belgian producer Peter Vanek met for the first time in person at a festival in Germany, after having already collaborated for several years over the internet. This great track from their album RawQ is one of my favourites by them.

Casper – Ariel
I don’t know anything about this artist or the song but I heard it last week and liked it so here it is.