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The Weekly Playlist: Music from the Hitman:Agent 47 trailer

ProleteR – Having A Party (Sam Cooke Tribute)
You can never go wrong with some Sam Cooke to start your week off.

Chet Faker and GoldLink – On You
I watched the making of this in the Song From Scratch series episode which you can watch here. The moment when the beat settles in under the vocals is massive.

Brick + Mortar – Voodoo Child (from the Hitman: Agent 47 trailer)
Two man band Brick + Mortar bring the big guns for a cover of this Hendrix classic. I’ve listened to the song in the context of the trailer and without and it works just as well.

Bruce Hornsby and The Range – Every Little Kiss
We feature a lot of guitar-based music and when I heard this song recently I realised the piano is under-represented in our playlist. I really like the way it sounds in this song so here you go.

Lera Lynn – Fire And Undertow
I haven’t watched the second season True Detective but I read this great interview with Nashville singer/songwriter Lera Lynn who appears on the show, and went off to explore her music. There’s all this talk about how True Detective will put her on the map and it should because her music is lovely.