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Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
How this song got here – I watched some parts of the Cameron Crowe classic Say Anything. It made me think of the other classic, John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. Which made me think of this song which was in the film.

Lou Reed – Perfect Day
This is the Lou Reed song that I became aware of first when the Duran Duran version came out in 1995. It played regularly on MTVs early morning playlist and I remember listening as I got ready for school. RIP Lou Reed.

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar
A live, orchestral version of Blacc’s big 2010 hit, sounding every bit as electric as the original.

Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere, And It’s Now
When you’re this articulate about angst, you transcend the stereotypes of ‘indie’, ‘emo’ or ‘post-emo-indie-core’ (I bet that’s a real genre!). I don’t know much else of Bright Eyes’ work, but this song is very well constructed both musically and lyrically and is one of my favourites.

Twenty One Pilots – Screen
This young duo from Columbus, Ohio is ridiculously talented. Just watch their live performance videos online. Get on board, go buy the album. You know you’re going to one year later when they’re written about all over the place. I don’t know what is taking people so long.

SOHN – Lessons
I really like how this new song by Vienna/London-based producer Sohn (pronounced ‘sonn’) builds up. The synth soundscape layers and builds into a hypnotic swirling motion. If you’ve never heard him, and if I’m being lazy, I’d say this sounds like a less experimental James Blake. I mean it as a compliment. Check it out.