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The Weekly Playlist - Passenger

Soko – First Love Never Die
You probably know French singer/songwriter Soko for her 2007 fantasy revenge song I’ll Kill Her. Here she is with another release – minus the black comedy in a charming accent – and it is a pleasure to listen to.

Passenger – Scare Away The Dark
British singer/songwriter Passenger provided the soundtrack to the best commercial of the year (The Budweiser Puppy Love ad). This song from his new album Whispers makes me think he has many many good songs in him and we look forward to checking them out.

Daryl Hall and Company Of Thieves – Everytime You Go Away
I only recently found out that this song, a massive hit for Paul Young in the ’80s, was written by Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates. Here he is performing an acoustic version of it with a band called Company Of Thieves.


Andrew Austin – Disappear
Your drive-time song this week comes courtesy Canadian artist Andrew Austin. Drums, guitar, harmonies – it’s all there. I think I even hear a shaker and a tambourine. Enjoy!

David Ball – Riding With Private Malone
We spent Saturday evening at a friend’s, eating a delicious home-cooked meal and playing board games. At some point, I have no idea why, we began to play country songs – the saddest, most heartbreaking ones – back to back. I had never heard this one before, and it was fascinating! There’s a classic car, a ghost, a mystery – what more can you ask for? Country music tells the best stories!

Image Courtesy: Passenger Official