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The Weekly Playlist - The Corrs

Caribou – Our Love
I love everything I’ve heard from this new Caribou record. It’s such a pleasure to listen to. Here’s a live performance that you should sit down and check out on headphones. It builds up, drops, and moves along so fluidly, you don’t even feel the 7 minute run time.

Bear In Heaven – Time Between
Another quality release from Dead Oceans, the excellent label that put out two of my favourite songs in recent times – Night Beds’ Ramona and Phosphorescent’s Song For Zula. This one brings a big driving beat to go with the dreamy melodies that I’ve come to associate with the label.

The Corrs – Radio (Unplugged)
This is my pick for this week’s ’90s nostalgia trigger. I like the story this song tells, it’s a really good pop melody and the acoustic version sounds great. Also – I think you’re no longer supposed to comment on stuff like this – but oh my god, how good looking are these ladies! I’m a woman, and I’ve heard that if you comment on women’s looks at all, you’re apparently not taking their abilities seriously. So let me state that I like their songwriting, they play their instruments really well, and also, wow they look really good doing it.

Real Estate – Talking Backwards
Is there room for a sweet indie tune in your soundtrack this week? This one just…made me happy.

Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

I have no idea what genre this is – there’s the main bass line which feels like rock but another melody that feels almost disco like the synths, the rhythm is what sounds like all shakers and hi-hats and the vocal is from some form of soul. Put together it all sounds very good!