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José González – Heartbeats
This is a great cover – so different in treatment from the 2003 synthpop original by The Knife. One of my theories is that a really good song can hold its own without the trappings of production – as just a voice and guitar. This is an excellent example of that theory.

Ben Howard – The Fear
I discovered this song on a cold winter’s night in New Delhi. Our friend parked the car and was about to turn off the radio when this began to play. I made him stop. Then we pulled out his phone to try and identify the song using one of those song identifier apps (the RJ didn’t announce the name). We didn’t find a match. So I memorised some of the lyrics and tried to keep them in my head long enough to Google it when we got into the house. It worked, we figured out what it was and that guitar riff still sounds as amazing today as it did the first time I heard it.

Lissie – Little Lovin’
Now, the song that I wanted to feature by American singer/songwriter/guitarist Lissie is called Watch Over Me but I can’t seem to find an embed link anywhere. The thing about Lissie though, is that her voice is such a large part of what I like about her music that a replacement song will do just fine. So I chose this song – Little Lovin’, from the HearYa Live sessions recorded in downtown Chicago. I think she is one of the most talented artists to have emerged in the last five years. Keep an eye out for this one.

Joan Armatrading – The Weakness In Me
It could rain this week. If it did, I’d pick this song for mood.

Florida Georgia Line feat. Nelly – Cruise (Remix)
I fully expect to get trolled for this one, but I can’t help it – it’s just a really good idea. The video is not that great an idea (there can be such a thing as too many ‘hot’ girls doing nothing on screen), and that phone conversation intro by Nelly is just such a 90s flashback. But once the song kicks in, it really goes for it. The production is straight ahead pop-rock, the chorus really lifts off and it all sounds like a fun time. I can’t be snobbish about this one – it’s firmly on repeat.

Images: Lissie.com, FloridaGeorgiaLine.com