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The Weekly Playlist - Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur – Walk On The Wild Side
I don’t know why I didn’t know singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur before but I’m glad I discovered him this week in conversation with Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast. As always, when I feature an artist I really like, for the first time on the playlist, I list two songs by them. Listen and enjoy.

Joseph Arthur – I Miss The Zoo
Be sure to listen to the live version of this song at the end of the WTF episode.

Chicago and Aloe Blacc – You’re The Inspiration
I’m having a real ’80s moment here and giving in. Also, how incredible is Aloe Blacc.

Gregory Porter – Holding On (Billboard 1 Mic 1 Take)
Love love love how this sounds.

Birdy – Young Blood (The Naked And Famous cover)
Okay, this was a pretty great song to begin with and British artist Birdy takes it to the next level in this stripped down piano cover. On repeat, this one.

Photo by Oliver Krato / Courtesy Joseph Arthur Official