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The Weekly Playlist - Prince

Prince – Gold
When I heard that Prince had died, this song by him started playing in my head and wouldn’t stop. It’s from 1995, from The Gold Experience album and is by no means one of his hits. I couldn’t understand why I kept thinking of this one, when there are so many other big hits by him that come to mind. Who knows? It’s so pretty and I’ll listen to again. RIP, Prince and thank you for the music.

SOHN – The Chase
Vienna-based producer SOHN has been one of our favourites since we first featured his song Lessons on the playlist two years ago. Here’s another one by him called The Chase which sets up cinematic expectations with the title itself.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Well, now that Taylor Swift and Apple have approved of this song by featuring it in their new Beats commercial, maybe you kids can understand what we’ve been saying for years – The Middle is mad good. Still not convinced? Give it a go when you’re out running. I swear all your limbs just re-arrange themselves and fall into the smoothest rhythm. Every single time.

Sabrina Petrini feat. Dechard – Fade Away
LA-based filmmaker and OSW reader Jose D. Rodriguez sent us this song as his pick for our playlist this week. I hadn’t heard it before and I immediately responded to its energy. I can definitely imagine putting this one on and cranking up the speed on the treadmill.

James Blake – Timeless
There hasn’t been a new album from James Blake since 2013’s Overgrown and he is well aware of how long it’s been, so this week he announced that the radio silence will end. With a brand new 18-track long album called Radio Silence. (Sorry I couldn’t help it) Here’s a sneak peek at a new song by him that may or may not be on the album but should give you a sense of the sound he’s after.