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Tricky – Hey Love
Moody with momentum. We like very much.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile
This piece of music works as score, it works as a song, it works especially well when combined with wedding vows, and it even works as a ringtone. I can’t gush anymore. Just listen.

Richard Hawley – The Ocean
I live near the sea and I’ve never written a song for it. This one will just have to do.

Miles Davis – It Never Entered My Mind
Yes, I heard this in the movie Runaway Bride. It was in the scene where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have an important moment on a terrace. I don’t really remember, I was just trying to listen to this music playing in the background.

Suzanne Vega – Caramel
I remember I was very fascinated with this song when it came out. I was young and had heard nothing like it before. It remains one of my favourites.

Images courtesy: SuzanneVega.com, TrickySite.com