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The Weekly Playlist - Lissie

Lexy and K-Paul feat. Yasha – Killing Me (Sascha Braemer RMX)

Big, beautiful atmosphere by this Berlin duo. Listen on headphones for best effect.

Lissie – Sleepwalking
American singer/songwriter/guitarist Lissie Maurus is one of my favourite vocalists ever. This is a single from her last album and it’s a fun enough mid-tempo pop song. I don’t think it does her voice justice though, but I’ll listen to anything she sings so here it is. To get a sense of just how good this girl sounds, check out her cool version of a One Direction song later in this playlist. I don’t know the original but like I said, I’ll listen to her sing pretty much anything.

Lissie – Story Of My Life (One Direction cover)

Savage Garden – I Don’t Know You Anymore

If you grew up in the Nineties, you remember not having access to your entire music collection while travelling. You could only carry a few albums along and this meant an intense choosing process. On one such road trip, I took a chance and carried an album that I had bought by a new Australian act called Savage Garden. I listened to it on many many frankly quite terrifying bus rides across the country on roads of various levels of peril. This song was one of my favourites as I looked out the window and tried to stay calm.

Eva Cassidy – Fields Of Gold
Another of my favourite vocalists, here is the late Eva Cassidy covering Sting.

Photo courtesy: Lissie Official