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The Weekly Playlist - The Internet

The Internet – Special Affair
Lead singer Syd The Kyd has such a great voice that you could listen to any song from this album as your first interaction with the band and it would be okay. I really like their sound and I’m looking forward to checking out more from them.

Roy Orbison – There Won’t Be Many Coming Home
I just discovered this great song. I haven’t had time to process it any more than to think that it is a great song.

The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx Remix)
Who better to remix The xx than one member of The xx. No, really.

The Naked and Famous – No Way (Bassnectar Remix)
Starts out chill, brings out the big guns when you’ve settled in.

Beauty Sleep – The Dark
I’m really tired as I’m listening to this, and I really like how the music swirls around in my head – light, airy, layered. No sharp sounds to cause pain. Good stuff.

Image courtesy: The Internet Official / Photo by Roger Kisby