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The Weekly Playlist - Lo-Fang

Lo-Fang – You’re The One That I Want
This is the soundtrack to the new Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel ad. You have to love it, even standalone, without the gorgeous visuals from the ad. Just a classic good song, standing strong in this completely reworked version by Los Angeles artist Lo-Fang.

Muse – Madness
Every time we work at fashion week (making videos) I look forward to listening to the music choices for the runway shows. This was my favourite track from this season in Delhi.

Bryan Adams – Help Me Make It Through The Night (Kris Kristofferson Cover)
People in India have very strong feelings about Bryan Adams – one group loves him so much they will still play Summer of ’69 as if it is a brand new song, the other group hates him, and I think it’s because of the people in the first group. I have no such feelings. I think he wrote some excellent pop songs and that’s that. I was curious about his latest release Tracks Of My Years which features his favourite songs over the years. I really like this stripped down live performance – a guitar and piano version of Kris Kristofferson’s Help Me Make It Through The Night.

Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better
I can’t resist a melodic house track with a good vocal and this is exactly what 21-year-old UK producer Alex Adair offers up with this track. A good one for that drive home from work.

Amanda Marshall – I’ll Be Okay (My Best Friend’s Wedding OST)
’90s nostalgia! Reason no. 748392: Remember when women sang in womanly voices? Not the twee, overly articulated stuff that’s going around. Plus it’s all sincere and shit. Check it out, the lack of irony is not a problem for the length of a pop song.

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/ Courtesy: Lo-Fang Official