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The Weekly Playlist - The Lumineers

The Lumineers – Cleopatra
Denver-based The Lumineers responded to the success of their 2012 hit Ho Hey by going back home and spending a year making a record they would be proud of, said the lead singer in a recent interview. Here’s the first single off their new album and it’s a big one.

Steven Tyler and Nuno Bettencourt – More Than Words
Steven Tyler kills it. Nuno Bettencourt is impeccable, as always.

Whitesnake – Is This Love?
The vocal on this one is completely different than I imagined it would be – it’s relaxed which is unusual for a power ballad. I missed this when it came out and I’m happy to have discovered it now.

Torro Torro – Make A Move (Skrillex remix)
I promise you nothing, absolutely nothing, will help you through those last five minutes on the treadmill more than a Skrillex track. Even if it’s a remix. You don’t even have to like his music on an idea level – just put it on during a run and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Postiljonen – Atlantis
Are we ready to listen to saxophone riffs? Yes, when they reside in the midst of an otherwise dreamy electro pop song.

Photo courtesy: The Lumineers Official