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Bhi Bhiman – Guttersnipe
If you discover one amazing voice this week, let it be that of Sri Lankan-American singer/songwriter Bhi Bhiman. This is a great song to kickstart the week.

Night Beds – Ramona
I found this one off John Mayer’s Tumblr and you can hear why it made it there. It’s lush, airy and altogether gorgeous. It was released earlier this year on the label Dead Oceans which we realise is quickly becoming a favourite at OneSmallWindow (labelmate Phosphorescent’s Song For Zula is on repeat). We will be checking out the entire Night Beds album soon so keep an eye out for that. Until then, here’s Ramona.

Balmorhea – Pyrakantha
Watch this video all the way through and tell us why it’s so damn amazing. We couldn’t put our finger on it. It’s set in LA, a place we are so familiar with from movies and TV over the years, but it feels completely new and so…relaxing. It serves as an excellent showcase for this amazing piece of music by the six-piece instrumental ensemble from Austin, Texas.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Great energy on this track. We’re sure it will eventually become overplayed through TV and movie syncs but for now we’re just enjoying the vibe.

The xx – Together
The soundtrack of The Great Gatsby is making waves and our pick from the list is this moody track by The xx.

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks
This one is for Monday when you have to go back to work and then work off the excesses of the weekend at the gym. Cardio gold, this one.

Images Courtesy: BhiBhiman.com, DeadOceans.com (Night Beds photo by Aubrey Swander)