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The Weekly Playlist - De Staat

De Staat – Witch Doctor
What is this song? What is this video? The energy is insane! I could listen to this song every single morning and take on a day full of all kinds of stuff. Let’s go!

James Blake – The Sound Of Silence
You know this is a good idea before you’ve even heard it.

Yazz and Serayah McNeill – Drip Drop (Empire OST)
I don’t watch Empire so when I first heard this song from the soundtrack, I had no context for it.

M83 – Midnight City
A good riff never gets old.

John Luther Adams – Become Ocean
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Luther Adams wants to put you right in the middle of the orchestra and evoke “the depth of the waves and the spray of the sea” with this piece. I highly recommend that you listen on headphones with no distractions. It’s truly hypnotic and very physical.