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The Weekly Playlist - Batman Forever OST

We love music and we love film. So when guitarist/producer Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues suggested we do a movie soundtrack playlist we were excited about the idea. Our last OST special was almost a year ago and it’s about time we had another one.

We asked Warren to list some of his favourites from the movies and he gave us this super selection, also telling us why he chose each song. Check it out and have a great week.

Tori Amos – Carnival (Mission Impossible 2 OST)
“I had heard the original played by my dad when I was a kid, and I had only heard Cornflake Girl by Tori until I heard this. The sounds and production are amazing and the vibe of the song takes you to an ethereal netherworld. On the same OST, Dave Grohl and Brian May cover Pink Floyd’s Have A Cigar – need I say more?”

Type O Negative – Summer Breeze (I Know What You Did Last Summer OST)
“Another song I heard when I was a kid, but this take on it is much darker and still retains the kitschy retro charm of the original.”

U2 – Hold Me Kiss Me Thrill Me Kill Me (Batman Forever OST)
“I’m not a hardcore U2 fan (apart from the Joshua Tree album) but this song gets me every time. The Edge’s guitar riff that comes in at 1:06 is one of his best ever.”

Alice Cooper – School’s Out (Dazed And Confused OST)
“This OST from Dazed and Confused was literally the soundtrack to my teenage years. I found it on cassette at a store next to college and only saw the movie many years later. The album is like a cherry-picked 70’s rock compilation and this one from Alice was a great introduction to his music. Check out the breakdown at 2:16 – those kids voices preceded Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall by a few years – in fact Bob Ezrin produced both!”

Eddie Vedder – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (I Am Sam OST)
“The I Am Sam soundtrack was a treat for most Beatles fans when it came out – an entire album of Beatles covers by contemporary artists. I think at the time, this one by Eddie is what made Vijay Nair realise that The Beatles were a pretty good band.”

T.V Carpio – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Across The Universe OST)
“Another album of Beatles covers! This version of the Beatles classic updates the naive teenage charm of the original with something older and wiser.”

Wilco – Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Me, Myself & Irene OST)
“I got into Wilco after their Sky Blue Sky album, and was lucky to see them on the same tour. This OST consists mainly of Steely Dan covers and this is the pick of the lot.”