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The Weekly Playlist - Third Eye Blind

David Duchovny – Hell or Highwater
I didn’t want to listen to this because I think – how shall I put this – very very positively of David Duchovny. When I heard he was working on an album, I unfairly assumed it would be not great, and that I wouldn’t continue to think positively about him. Wrong. So wrong.

Third Eye Blind – Everything Is Easy
Third Eye Blind forever! Because – this. I’m really looking forward to the new album and, I hope, a tour date in Mumbai.

David Grey – Snow In Vegas
Is that a pedal steel guitar I hear? It’s so pretty.

José González – Let It Carry You
I’m a fan of José González’s style of music and I will listen to everything he does at least once. This makes me want to watch him perform live.

Jenny Owen Youngs – Pirates
Jenny Owen Youngs paints quite a picture with the lyrics in this song.

Photo: Elvis D’Silva