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The Weekly Playlist - Honne

Honne – Loves The Jobs You Hate
I’ve just discovered British duo Honne and I foresee them finding a permanent spot on my favourites list.

Keith Richards – Trouble
After watching the the Netflix documentary Keith Richards: Under The Influence, we bought his new solo album Crosseyed Heart and I’ve been listening on repeat ever since. All that beautiful guitar makes my mind a happy place!

Flume feat. Kai – Never Be Like You
Here’s a listen to a full-length song from Australian producer Flume’s upcoming album Skin. It starts out well enough but really kicks in during the chorus with the coiled energy of choppy electronica chords and a fat, solid beat. Look forward to checking out the rest of the album when it releases later this year.

Tommy Emmanuel – Mombasa
Proving, once again, that all you need is an acoustic guitar. I love how it’s all pretty and delicate for about 2 minutes and 44 seconds, after which it goes – there’s no better way to describe it – completely Bollywood. I mean that in the best way possible.

Texas – In Demand
Featuring the magnificent Alan Rickman. RIP.

Photo by: William Coutts / Courtesy Honne Official