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It’s been a super rainy week here in Mumbai and it turns out the grey is making me seek out music that would fit just right in a nightclub. I didn’t even realise until I saw the playlist I put together. If you were looking for some dreamy, relaxing music to go with the monsoon, check out some of our older playlists, because this week the bpm is turned up high and in your face.

Skrillex feat. Sirah – Bangarang
I’ll be honest, I did not get this when it first came out. I had literally just discovered dubstep at RBMA in London at a monster gig at The Roundhouse and I was still getting my head around the gentle warm deep bass that formed the basis of this new genre. I was really not ready for the explosive, aggressive direction in which Skrillex took the sound. Recently, on a particularly bad day at work, this song came on and the surge of energy I felt neutralised all my bad feelings. I can’t get enough of the entire EP and I’m waiting to watch Springbreakers which Skrillex scored along with a composer I like a lot – Cliff Martinez. For now, here’s his big hit Bangarang.

Twenty One Pilots – Guns for Hands
I’ve raved about this young duo from Ohio earlier this year and I’ll do it again. We stumbled across a live performance video of them on YouTube and then bought their entire album off iTunes. This is what a brand new act should be like. Absolutely riveting and really really high on energy. This song is one of my picks off their excellent album Vessel which you should check out.

Awolnation – Sail (ill-esha Remix)
Everyone has heard (and hopefully liked) this song by now. I came across this remix a while ago and it’s been on repeat play for me. I like what Canadian DJ/producer ill-esha brings to the mix. This is just the right amount of variation to add a new perspective to an already excellent song. Really well done.

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)
Yes that’s two Kid Cudi songs in two weeks. Last week we had the fairly mellow, rock-influenced Erase Me. This week we have a version of his hit Pursuit Of Happiness, suitably amped up by DJ/producer Steve Aoki.

Apollo 440 – Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Dub
I know, we’re going really far back with this one – 1997 is a long time ago, even though it feels like yesterday. This song made the playlist for two reasons. One, I only just discovered that the guitar riff in this one is a sample of a Van Halen riff. So it’s like the song is brand new for me. Second – it’s a really good song and it satisfies my need for nuts energy this week. I can hear the rain pouring down outside and I need a boost. Here’s the electronica version and Van Halen’s original from 1978.