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The Weekly Playlist - Ben Howard

Chris Isaak – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
For that riff alone.

Bonnie Raitt – Women Be Wise
Susan Tedeschi performed an acoustic version of this song at a workshop as part of the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai this weekend. Originally performed by blues singer Sippie Wallace, covered by Bonnie Raitt in 1971 on her debut album.

Blackstratblues – Ode To A Sunny Day
Also playing at the blues festival this weekend was Mumbai band Blackstratblues. They closed with this song and it was, as always, a big audience favourite. You can buy the 2009 album version here, but to really get how good this song is you have to experience it live. I’ve heard a few different versions in a few different settings; it is absolutely blistering and – I will use the E word – epic, every single time. Here is one live version for you to check out.

Snow Patrol – You’re All I Have
I will not be snobbish about loving alt-pop-rock and Snow Patrol do a kickass job of making treadmill-ready, sing-out-loud-badly-while-wearing-headphones songs. This is a good example.

Ben Howard – Only Love (Live Acoustic)
I really like this song, but what is most awesome about this video is how Ben Howard sits so casually with the frikkin’ Louvre, glass pyramid and all, in the background and plays the guitar. I would pay good money, if I had it, to watch him live at the Louvre! Have a good week.