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The Weekly Playlist - Magic!

Magic! – Rude
I discovered this song only last week and it has taken over my playlist! It’s relaxed, paints a scenario that is easy to identify with, and is so much fun musically. Lead singer/songwriter Nasri, one of pop music’s hottest songwriters working today, also has a pop star voice and everything about this song falls into place. It’s racing up the charts as it deserves to. Listen and enjoy.

Chet Faker – No Diggity (Live Sessions)
Oh this is good! And look at all that tasty gear in the music video.

Mark Knopfler – What It Is (Live At the EMA 2003)
Mr. Knopfler brings a killer riff to this hit from 2003. Timeless!

The Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By (Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra)
Elvis and I had both somehow missed this early Stones song, but when we were introduced to it last week we spent a fair bit of time listening to all the various cover versions there have been of it over the years. Enjoy this lush affair by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Imagine Dragons – Demons
Big anthemic pop is hard to resist and these days few bands do it better than Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons. You should know this one from the many sync placements they got for this.