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The Weekly Playlist - SBTRKT

SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig – New Dorp. New York.
This might be the coolest song I have ever liked. No, seriously. My taste in music tends to favour either the earnest or the edgy and experimental. I don’t do ‘cool’. This song, however, drips with the kind of cool that is found in places with velvet ropes, VIP areas, and lots of successful, relaxed pretty people. I’ve only just heard it and it is blowing my mind. I’ll go be nerdy and analyze the arrangement and vocal effects. You listen, preferably on headphones, and enjoy this one.

Peter Hollens & Friends – Carry On (Fun. cover)
This song, a hit for the band Fun., just asks for a big old sing-along. Acapella YouTube star Peter Hollens obliges by bringing together a group of singers for this cover.

Cheb Khaled, Rachid Taha, Faudel – Abdel Kader
That opening riff is the real deal. I’d heard it sampled in the Outlandish song Rock All Day but only recently discovered this version of it. It just demands to be played on loop.

Cheb Khaled – Aïcha
I’m enjoying Cheb Khaled’s voice so much I had to do a double bill. We listened to this one after a long, long time last week.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)
Love this song and now there’s an extended mix. More to love!

Image Courtesy: SBTRKT Official